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Reiki University® Workshop Catalog

All of our Reiki University®+Plus Point of Focus© workshops reflect our commitment to quality teaching. Small classes are tailored to group dynamic and individual student needs. Reiki is taught using a powerfully focused, grounded and intuitive approach. Built on the firm foundation of traditional Reiki, active modern Reiki techniques are incorporated in our classes to enhance and intensify gentle Reiki and Karuna Master Healer Level hands on healing. This is truly Reiki and Karuna-focused healing at its best.

Course topics covered include, but are not limited to the following:
Reiki I and II - Two levels of Reiki are combined in a full two day (15 hour) workshop intensive. 

Reiki I - Reiki History, subtle energy healing and how it works (both scientific and visionary perspectives), Reiki I attunement (to empower the hands), +Plus Point of Focus© applied healing techniques--including: Feng Shui Reiki© preparations--to increase the vibrational energy field (matrix), intuitive energy field analysis, traditional and alternative hand positions, energy field clearing techniques, uses of “healing breath,” focused self-healing techniques, aura healing and magnification techniques (includes practice giving and receiving a Reiki healing session). 

Reiki II - Dr. Usui¡¯s Reiki symbols, symbols test, Reiki II attunement, how to use symbols to activate focused Reiki, for treatment, healing in sacred space (the ¡¡ãPsyche¡¡Àposition), how to send Reiki distant healing for treatment sessions and to heal situations, Feng Shui Reiki© - how to clear and fill any space or room with positive healing energy.


Children¡¯s Reiki I - Reiki level I for children ages 5-12. A (2 1/2 hour) workshop intensive .
Prerequisite: A Reiki trained adult family member must accompany each child.
Reiki history and how Reiki works told through story telling and drawing, introduction to safe touch, Reiki I attunement, practice sensing and feeling Reiki. Each child receives a “Reiki bear” and a Children’s Reiki certificate.


Advanced Reiki - III Master Level: This is a full three day (22.5 hour) workshop intensive.
Prerequisite: Reiki level II. 

Advanced Reiki - Feng Shui Reiki© +Plus Point of Focus© Crystal healing: How to select, use and energize crystals and stones to fill a room, space or environment with Reiki energy. Amplifying continuous Reiki distant healing - use of the crystal matrix. Usui Master level symbol - uses and application, symbol test, Usui Master level attunement, Reiki Guided Energy Surgery© - how to remove (clear) negative vibrational energies using Reiki by intent (theory and practice).

Reiki III - Master Level - Tibetan Master symbols explained, symbols test, Microcosmic- Golden/White Light Breath, Tibetan/Usui Master level attunement, the Guided Energy attunement© (theory and practice), explanation of self-attunements, Guided Distant Energy attunements and practice of attunements for: Reiki I, Reiki II, Advanced/Usui Master level, Tibetan/Usui Master level, Feng Shui Crystal attunements© (energy alignments in sacred space - earth vortex attunements).


Karuna Master Healer Level - This is a full three day (22.5 hour) workshop intensive. 
Prerequisite: Reiki Level III (Master level).

Introduction and history of modern karmic clearing subtle energy healing systems and techniques, use of vibrational energy “baths” and synergistic symbols, 17 symbols of Karuna Master Healer Level healing (and how to use them), symbols tests, attunements and practice of attunements for all Karuna Master Healer levels, applying vibrational sound, instrumental and crystal sound healing to elevate, heal and clear subtle energy fields, using and integrating Karuna Master Healer Level healing with other forms of subtle energy healing, (includes practice sessions).


Teacher Preparation Intensive For Reiki Masters - This is a one day in depth (7.5 hour) workshop intensive for prepare Reiki Masters to teach Reiki. 
Prerequisite: Reiki Master level, teaching to students’ spoken and unspoken needs, materials and resources for teaching +Plus Point of Focus Reiki I and II, how to establish a successful Reiki healing and teaching practice, Reiki University’s Degree Certification Program for Reiki Masters. 


Note: A manual and/or materials are included with each workshop. 
Attunements are energy empowerments which enable all those who receive them to activate and apply Reiki energies for healing.


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