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Reiki-The Gentle Art Of Hands-On-Healing As A Pathway to World Peace
by Ellen Louise Kahne,
Certified Reiki Master/teacher who has a healing practice in Queens, New York. She has written and published news articles, stories and poetry, including a poem accessioned into the permanent collection of the Holocaust Museum in Washington, D. C. (email:

    For several years, I have had a Reiki healing practice in New York City. After several years, I began to teach Reiki.

    Reiki is a hands-on-healing art recovered in a meditation on (sacred) Mt. Kuriyama by a 19th century Japanese Buddhist monk, Dr. Mikao Usui. Reiki uses (G-d's healing) spiritually guided, life-force energy to create balance and healing in oneself and/or another people. Also, it can be sent at a distance or used to create balance and healing in a person, location or situation, including for earth healing and manifesting world peace.

    It has been said that Reiki works like very focused prayer. It was given to us by Divine Grace. Therefore, it is available to people of all faiths and belief systems. Anyone who wishes to learn Reiki can do so quickly and permanently from a Reiki Master/teacher.

    Several years ago, while lecturing on this Japanese healing art at a local YMCA, my path crossed " chance" with a beautiful, spiritually guided, young business woman named Annie Graf. She happened to be a member of the Women's Federation For World Peace. Annie had a keen interest in Reiki and she felt that she had been guided to attend my lecture. Afterwards, she studied with one of my Reiki teachers. Since then, I have been privileged to know her as my dear friend and student.

    Annie Graf is the co-President of Townsend Glass, in Long Island City, New York, and a partner in this successful woman-owned business.

    At one point in Annie's glass making operation, she had contracted to produce a complicated sculptural award for the advertising industry. This required using costly Austrian crystal balls. The crystal had to be annealed (heated), cooled down slowly, and drilled, so that a separate sculpture could be attached to each ball.

    In the past, many of the crystal balls had cracked during the annealing or drilling and this contract was a big headache to the firm, entailing high losses for dubious profitability. Yet, it was an important account which Townsend Glass wished to keep.

    Annie happened to ask my advice about her manufacturing problem. I explained to her that Reiki energy works on situations. I suggested that she use her Reiki to "treat" the crystal balls before annealing, and throughout the manufacturing operation. She followed my advice and, for the first time, not one of her expensive crystal balls was damaged.

    After the use of "industrial strength Reiki," Annie Graf and her partner, Elizabeth, decided to subsidize Reiki training for their employees. So far, one employee has elected to take Reiki, and more may soon follow.

    Also, Reiki has been used as part of first aid treatment for cuts and burns (this comes in handy, when dealing with molten glass).

    Many are the gifts which a student brings to a teacher, and the pioneering of Reiki in industry was only a small part of Annie Graf's gift to me.

    In February of 1995, Annie invited me to attend a sisterhood ceremony at the Sheraton Hotel in Washington, D. C. This invitation shined with Divine inspiration on the path which I had begun during years of personal healing and training to become a Reiki Master.

    I had been taught that the Reiki Masters who lived in Japan prior to World War II had perished or were dislocated during the war. All records of their work were gone. Reiki had been preserved solely by a Japanese/American Reiki Master, Mrs. Hawayo Takata, who brought the healing art to Hawaii in the late 1930s, and later to the continental U. S. By Divine Grace, I had received a clarity of insight, during a Reiki meditation that I would be one of the teachers to carry the gift back to Japan one day.

    It was in the spirit of World Peace and with the true conviction that my path was guided by Divine Wisdom that I accepted Annie Graf's invitation to receive a Japanese sister at the Women's Federation For World Peace Conference.

    On a clear, sunny February day, I carefully chose my seat in the huge banquet room and pledged my sisterhood to a beautiful, bright young woman from Hokkaido (with whom I stay in touch by sending Reiki in the spirit of Peace and Love). By "chance," her name is Hiromi Kuriyama, just like the sacred Mountain where Reiki was recovered. Since G-d's love connects us, there are no language barriers.

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