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Reiki For Lovers-Healing and Empowering Heart Bonding
by Ellen Louise Kahne,
Certified Reiki Master/Karuna V +Plus Point of Focus Master/teacher

    The most beautiful expressions of lovers are often the subtle, unspoken communications which take place between couples who are attuned to each others' energies.

    Long before I became a Reiki Master (that is, a teacher of the 19th century Japanese hands-on-healing art using subtle vibrational energies), I observed a special rapport between couples who had studied Reiki which set them apart from "ordinary" couples.

    A mate looking across a large Reiki class room toward the back of his or her partner would cause the other to turn to see what the mate wanted. A head would turn, an eyebrow would rise or a shoulder shrug, as if to say "what is it, my dear?"

    There were a number (30-40) of these couples in the classes I observed who were not only attuned to Reiki but in tune, spiritually, mentally and physically with one another. I thought it odd to see so much harmony, balance and spiritual centeredness amongst so very many "bonded pairs."

    I was curious to discover how the Reiki had enhanced these relationships and in what ways Reiki could be used to create and enhance closeness in love relationships.

    I began to ask questions of my Reiki teacher on this subject and she told me that she stayed in touch with her husband, by sending Reiki distant healing to him daily, especially when she traveled to teach. Also, as she demonstrated distant healing techniques (in her Reiki Level II classes) she often sent Reiki to her spouse.

    This was a very focused shared intimacy that was beyond my previous experience and beyond words. The communication between partners was continually balanced and sustained at a higher frequency vibrational level. It was as if an audio engineer had filtered out all of the extraneous scratches and noise and continually remastered a classic recording.

    This is not to say that every relationship which comes to Reiki bonds more closely. Reiki is Spiritually guided energy with a purpose which isn't bounded by limited vision or personal agendas. Reiki works for the best and highest good of the individuals in any partnership and it may facilitate a peaceful separation, if that is necessary for the growth of the individuals, or if the relationship has not been a healthy one. Reiki is subtle healing energy, keyed to the energy of dynamic growth, not stagnation.

    In most of the couples I observed, Reiki attunements enhanced the relationship and the relationships around them. Often, as a member of the family cleared, healed and came into balance through Reiki attunements, treatments and self-healing, others in the family came into focus and healed. In several cases, unruly or troubled children in proximity to the balance of their Reiki trained parents, healed serious addictive behaviors.

    Reiki deepens, uplifts and intensifies the physical love relationship between couples. When partners touch, Holy love enriches the love each has for the other.

    Also, each touch contains the recognition of a shared Truth. That Truth is the mirroring of the Divine in one person as it is recognized both within oneself and in one's partner.

    As an individual opens to the loving support of the Reiki energy, the relationships of that individual grow and heal. This effect is enhanced by sending Reiki distant healing to the relationship.

    Reiki is taught through a series of attunements or energy initiations which are invoked by a Reiki Master, during the course of teaching.

    The energy of Reiki comes from the the very highest source (the Oneness of the Universe, the G-d power). It is an immediate gift of grace and healing to both the student and Master/teacher. Reiki energies are accessible to all people regardless of religious or cultural background who have accepted attunements to heal themselves and others.

    It is the energy of Reiki, the flow of Universal life force energy into personal energy (ki) which balances the energies of individuals and deepens relationships, bypassing misunderstanding, like a song without words, focusing love in the touch of enjoined and healing hearts.

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